Tips to sell your home quickly in 2016


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Are you moving to another state or moving to another country for greener pastures? Are you in a rush to sell your home as quickly as possible? If you are in this predicament, then you probably understand how frustrating it can be to get to sell your home in the fastest time possible. Day in day out you wake up hoping that a buyer will knock on your door and make an offer you can’t resist. However, as days pass by, your hopes keep dwindling and you begin to ponder what it is you can do to fast track the selling of your home. Well, if you are seeking to sell your home, here are tips that will make you sell it quickly and in the fastest time possible.

Focus on improving your curb appeal

What kind of reaction would your home elicit if a person saw it for the very first time? First impression matters and it is essential that you work on improving your house curb appeal before putting it on the market. If you are unsure of how your home appears, why not simply walk across the street take a good look and find out whether a first time buyer will like what you are looking at? Ask a friend or even a realtor the first impression that your home exhibits and make improvements where necessary. Take proper measures to ensure that you repaint your house, trim the front yard lawn and ensure that everything on the outside is appealing. You can be rest assured that a good first impression works like magic and you can sell off your home within a very short period so long as you improve your curb appeal.

Make the necessary upgrades

Has it been ages since you last undertook any repairs in your home? Is your kitchen or bathroom in a pathetic state? Is the color on the wall peeling off? Are the gutters littered with dirt and leaves? Well, if you are seeking to sell that home in the shortest time possible, it is highly recommended that you make upgrades. Repair any broken fittings, clean your gutters if you must, paint the interior of your home, trim your grass and ensure that your home is in a state of move-in. If the paint is dilapidated, your gutters undesirable, getting to sell your home in the fastest time possible might be a mirage. To fast track the process and sell your home quickly, ensure you make the necessary upgrades.

Price your home competitively

You won’t be able to sell your home quickly if the price you’ve set is outrageous or doesn’t reflect the prevailing market rates. Consult a realtor if you must but ensure that you price your home the right way. Look at homes similar to yours and find out how much they are selling at. Do not set the price based on your feelings but rather in tandem with the prevailing market rates. If you are unsure of the right price to set, do not hesitate to consult a real estate agent within your area.

Make your home stand out

The goal of making your home stand out is to be able to capture the attention of buyers. You can for instance result to custom designs in your home, install a new roof, do landscaping and so on and so forth. The idea is to make your home different from your neighbors and make it standout. The aesthetics work wonders as regards capturing the attention of a prospective buyer. However, do not overdo or spend too much money on making your house stand out as the gamble might not always pay off.

Enlist the services of a professional photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures that are not interesting will not pique the curiosity or attention of a prospective buyer. Before you list or set up your house for sale, ensure that you enlist a professional photographer to take professional photos of your home. Before a buyer knocks on your door, they usually start their search online and it’s imperative that the pictures you take shed your home in a positive manner and dissuade a buyer to put forth an offer. The pictures should be able to bring out the best aspects of your home and inspire prospective buyers to put an offer on the table.

There you have it. The reason that most sellers don’t sell their houses in the quickest time possible is because they fail to utilize the above mentioned tips. Improve your curb appeal, make necessary upgrades, take professional photos, work on making your home distinct, price your home competitively and you should be able to sell your home in the quickest time possible. Always remember that if you are not sure of anything, consulting a professional doesn’t hurt.

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The property market: what can we expect in 2017?

R. State

Granted, the property market has in some sense, always been a little volatile so to speak. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that an investment in property is a safe bet and one that a person can gamble with and get expected results as compared to investment in stock. There is always that eerie feeling of optimism in the sense that the property market has a great (somewhat assured) return on investment. However, with the economic downturn that recently shook the biggest economies of the world, a familiar question has been on the lips of those who have already invested in property. The question is: what will the worth of my property or house come next year 2017 or a few years down the line?

Whether we like it or not, this is a question that we all ponder especially if we have invested in real estate. The question of return on investment cannot be avoided and neither can it be spoken of in low tones. Is their investor confidence? What about the state of the economy? Are we seeing an improved job market? What about the function of demand versus supply? How does demand and supply affect property prices now and how will it affect property prices in 2017?

2016 has so far seen a boom in the housing industry with pending US house sales reaching an all-time high in 8 years. There is a feeling of optimism and property owners can only hope that this great development will continue to be the same come 2017. However, some pundits and industry experts seem to think otherwise. The thinking put forth by these experts is that the rise in property prices year in year out without government intervention will lock out a number of first time buyers on low income and seeking to own their very first home.

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To them, if the government does not intervene and calm the job market, a lot of people will continue to be in the rent trap. The current statistics show that the average age of a first time home buyer is 36 years meaning that majority of people in their 30s are trapped in the rent trap. On the flipside, a good number of “property gurus” as we like to call them continue to paint a picture of optimism and predict that the property / house prices will continue to rise for the rest of 2016 but slowdown in the year 2017. In light of this, should you hold off your plans to buy a new house till 2017? From 2015 up to 2016, there has been a steady rise in property prices.

While property gurus predict that there will be a sustained rise in property prices and a slowdown in 2017, what can’t be refuted is the fact that house prices are determined by demand. The higher the demand for housing units the higher the prices for the same. As it stands, 2016 has so far registered great sales if contracts signed by buyers for pending houses is anything to go by. The increase in demand in housing unit has been bolstered by interest rates which have remained below 4.4%, a steady job market as well as the low cost of borrowing not to mention government guarantee that lenders won’t lose their money.

If everything else remains constant, we can indeed expect property prices to slow down in 2017 which will be a huge plus for those seeking to buy houses. On the other hand, sellers will be itching to dispose off their houses this year with the aim of making a kill before the prices go down. Whatever the case, its imperative to note that house prices are affected by income and ability of individuals to pay off their loans. Its probably the reason why there is an existence of a stress test to tell whether people will be able to respond to an increase or decrease in property prices.

If there are massive job losses and people are unable to repay their loans, the property market will without a doubt suffer as there will be no demand for houses and as a result low house prices. The vice versa is also true. Market forces among other factors will determine property prices in 2017. However, as property gurus opine, the prices will continue to be upward for the rest of 2016 and probably slow down come 2017. For sellers, this might be good news and as such they should endeavor to get rid of their property this year. Those seeking to buy a new home should hold off their plans until 2017 when prices are expected to be affordable. At the end of the day, it’s always about strategy and hijacking available opportunities.